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All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
(2 Timothy 3: 14)

Bible Study Course
Bible Texts Are Often Quoted In Full
Bible Course Introduction             HTML
It is essential that you study it on a regular basis - daily.
Books of The Bible             HTML
The Bible is made up of a collection of 66 books.
Lawlessness             HTML
Sin is lawlessness. Sin is breaking divine law.
Repentance             HTML
Repentance is a condition of remorse.
Forgiveness             HTML
Divine forgiveness is a spiritual process.
Faith             HTML
Faith is an inner conviction that God exists.
Baptism of Repentance             HTML
The immersion ceremony is purely symbolic.
The Resurrection             HTML
Jesus Christ is very much alive.
The Day of Judgment             HTML
The Bible is very clear on the point of Judgment.
Yeshua, The Messiah             HTML
Even eternity will not suffice to fully appreciate His personage.
Prayer             HTML
Prayer is a method of communication.
The Kingdom of God             HTML
Currently invisible to the human eye.
The Holy Scriptures             HTML
The Bible is Life’s User Guide.
Obedience             HTML
Obedience proves that faith is alive!
The True Sabbath Day             HTML
The Seventh day Sabbath is also a divine Sign.
Signs of Christ’s Return             HTML
He plainly stated that he would come back again.
Human Suffering             HTML
Suffering will one day become a thing of the past.
Death             HTML
What happens to a person when he/she dies?
Spiritism             HTML
Entire nations will be taken in by it.
The Family Circle             HTML
Criticizing others will never benefit you.
The Everlasting Gospel             HTML
Have you ever heard the Everlasting Gospel?
Baptism of The Holy Spirit             HTML
A spiritual phenomenon is currently sweeping the churches.
Stewardship             HTML
The Almighty’s Appointed Way.


In the Son’s Name - For the Father’s Glory.

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