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“Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves...”

The sermons at this web site cover a wide variety of spiritual subjects; knowledge of which could mean the difference between ‘Eternal Life’ and ‘Eternal Death.’

We pray this ‘Module’ will help you assess yourself and see if you are:

  • ‘In The Faith’ and believe what the Bible teaches;
  • Or whether you are simply following the ‘Traditions of Men’ and the ‘Religious Fashions of The Day.’

Now is the time to test yourself to find out how much you really know about the things that matter in the eyes of the LORD. But do not just be content with knowledge - important as it is. Instead, you should learn to recognize the fruit of the Holy Spirit in your life. For after all is said and done, if spiritual knowledge doesn't produce spiritual fruit: love, joy, peace, contentment, faith, hope, obedience, humility and true happiness etc.,   then – ‘for you’ – these sermons will have been worthless.

Private/Group Study

Examination Files
The examinations on ‘Examine Yourselves,’ are divided into ‘Modules,’ with each Module containing 12 lessons. Each Module ends with an ‘Examination File’ which contains 12 questions on that particular Module; that is – one question ‘sometimes double-barrelled’ on each sermon. To answer these 12 questions, you will need to first study the 12 lessons in a given Module and then write your answers in a book; perhaps even adding the relevant Bible texts – if time allows.

Because these ‘examinations’ are not a test of your memory, you may look at the lessons again and again if you're not sure of the answers. That's right, check the lessons as often as you please. You're not cheating if you do this. The idea is to learn what the Bible teaches, not to compete with another person or prove how smart you are. No one is going to see your answers anyway; so there really is nothing to ‘fear or boast’ about.

Besides their initial use as ‘prompts’ for Preachers, the Sermon Notes at this web site may be used for Private or Group study. If a ‘group study’ approach is taken, each student should study the Sermon Notes at home and then write out his/her answers to the questions listed in the ‘Examination File.’ Then, when the group meets, students could discuss their answers with each other and make corrections where necessary. You could, of course, ‘privately study’ the sermon notes and also do these examinations on your own. It's up to you.

As mentioned above, each ‘Examination File’ will contain ‘12 questions;’ with each question having its answer in a particular Sermon Note.

For Example:

  • The answer to Question 1 of Exam 1,
    will be found in the 1st Lesson of Module 1.

  • The answer to Question 2 of Exam 1,
    will be found in the 2nd Lesson of Module 1.

  • The answer to Question 6 of Exam 3,
    will be found in the 6th Lesson of Module 3.

  • The answer to Question 8 of Exam 6,
    will be found in the 8th Lesson of Module 6.

  • The answer to Question 9 of Exam 13,
    will be found in the 9th Lesson of Module 13.
All this may appear a bit confusing at first; but you'll soon understand the system. Just remember that you'll only be answering one Question on each lesson; that is 12 Questions on each Module. We could have included many more questions; but that would have confused you; so we've settled for just ... ONE Question On Each Sermon (Sometimes Double-Barrelled)

To enable users to study these sermons off-line, we are offering the entire A Voice In The Wilderness web site on a Free Disk. Make sure you avail yourself of this offer.

Several Answers:
Spiritual truths are like diamonds. They have several facets. This means that each question in the examination file could be answered in several valid, but different, ways. Because of this, you should not be surprised or upset if your answer is somewhat different from others in your class. Rest assured, however, that you will learn more if you study with the ‘help’ of other ‘true’ believers.

E-mail information reaching A Voice In The Wilderness, tells us that several groups around the world have already begun using the files at this web site for group study. Indeed, this has prompted us to launch the ‘Examine Yourselves Index;’ so teachers and students will use a structured approach to learning and ‘Self-Examination.’

Time Scale Not counting the sermons on ‘Yahweh’s Feast Days’ (Module 77), there are currently 13 Modules of lessons on the Examine Yourselves Index. That is (13 x 12 =) ‘156 sermons.’ This means, a group studying ‘one lesson each week,’ would take ‘three years’ to complete the programme outlined in this Index. Pastors and teachers would do well to consider introducing this examination to their members. It has many advantages.

Examination Files
Exam 1  Twelve Questions on Module One
Exam 2  Twelve Questions on Module Two
Exam 3  Twelve Questions on Module Three  
Exam 4  Twelve Questions on Module Four
Exam 5  Twelve Questions on Module Five
Exam 6  Twelve Questions on Module Six
Exam 7  Twelve Questions on Module Seven
Exam 8  Twelve Questions on Module Eight
Exam 9  Twelve Questions on Module Nine
Exam 10  Twelve Questions on Module Ten
Exam 11  Twelve Questions on Module Eleven
Exam 12  Twelve Questions on Module Twelve
Exam 13  Twelve Questions on Module Thirteen

Our prayer is that The LORD God of Israel will pour out His Holy Spirit on all who seek to learn and live His Word. Please keep us informed of your progress and do not forget to pray for A Voice In The Wilderness.


In the Son’s Name — For the Father’s Glory

A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada