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  13. MY GOAL
  14. DANIEL - Chapter 12 Verse 10
  25. HIS DAY
  33. MATTHEW 24
  34. THE KITE


    In Autumn time the leaves are falling one by one.
    It isn't long before the trees are bare.
    And as they fall - the leaves are dancing in the air
    And yet I know the Dance of Death is there.

    This is the world's great golden autumn day.
    Everyone is doing as they please.
    And as they break from God and drift away,
    They are like the dying autumn leaves.

    If you want to leave the branch of truth today,
    And do the things - deep down you know are wrong,
    The winter wind will catch you as you break away,
    And for you the dance of death is on.

    To be an evergreen was God's great plan for you.
    To live with Him Eternal years and more.
    Yet year - by year you've broken loose and proved untrue.
    Each wasted day, a leaf, upon the floor.     DBL

    God Is With Me!

    Let me tell you something of my friend,
    And as I do, perhaps all of you will recognize
    The value of my prize.
    For all my worldly wealth,
    My physical and mental health,
    In storm or weather fair
    Depends upon His care.

    I've learned each day, to choose the way,
    To loose my fears,
    And though troubles press,
    With sore distress upon my soul,
    I know somehow that He is with me now
    And will be through the passing years.

    Yes - He is with me
    Even though in thought I've often caught myself
    So far away from Him-
    And even though I sometimes join the race-
    Away from his Amazing Grace,
    I always turn around to find He's there,
    Behind my fleeing foot,
    To put His hand upon my heart
    To draw me back
    To live with Him - Apart.

    He is with me,
    Especially when my other friends misunderstand
    The methods that I use,
    Or when they refuse to see
    That He and I are friends,
    Working silently to make 'not' brake the strongholds of the faith.

    He 'is' with me.
    Not was
    Way back in the past
    Or will be in some future day - still far away
    But 'is'
    Yes. He is with me - now.

    This is without all doubt my greatest joy,
    So I can toy with troubles,
    And give my soul to song
    For I belong to God.
    And as I walk the trackless course of time,
    I have no fear somehow;
    For the Great Almighty God is -
    With me - even now.       Written by David B. Loughran - 17/12/1971


    Unstable is the human mind at best
    Controlling passions surging in the breast.
    Without a qualm it can reverse its stand,
    To turn and bite the friendly feeding hand.

    So ungrateful oft, that there is seldom thought
    Spared for God who every blessing brought.
    Quick to blame another, when things go wrong,
    Cruel with the weak and pleasant with the strong.

    Watch it to conclusions jump so well
    Embracing unproved theories spawned in Hell.
    Then hear its mocking voice scorn God's Holy Law,
    That "eternal way of life" and infinitely more.

    Willingly it will fly to join the fickle throng
    And reason that the "fashion can't be wrong".
    Yet in its search for right it drags it feet
    They start a flowing all unseen inside.

    And remember when all is said and done below
    The true worth of a man will only show,
    Not so much by what he had to say,
    But by how he lived his life from day to day.   DBL


    The orchestra was playing, two hundred strong they said.
    And sure they weren't joking, for I counted every head.
    Sometimes they'd play together, and sometimes one by one,
    I really was excited, for the show had just begun.

    I heard the thunderous bass notes, vibrating round the hall.
    Those mighty grand crescendos - I thrilled to one and all.
    But the leader's baton quivered, and with almost cruel care,
    He pointed to one player, who was somewhat hidden there.

    "Your instrument needs tuning - now stop and put it right."
    For almost every player, the world had stopped that night.
    Shaking with emotion - his shame was there to see,
    With every eye upon him, he turned so quietly.

    And then the marvel started, the leader led them on.
    He played the sweetest melody, and all his shame was gone.
    Yes, you and I are players, in life's orchestra tonight,
    And YOU may hear God saying, "Stop - and put it right!"   DBL


    There is a law, I see it all around.
    In every plant, that's growing in the ground,
    And every child, this simple law has known,
    That you shall reap - reap what you have sown.

    On that great day - that final harvest day.
    When each alone - shall stand before the throne,
    And only then - the faithful will be known
    When we shall reap - reap what we have sown.

    The heart of man is like a garden rare,
    With plants both good - and evil growing there.
    Yet oh so few this simple fact have known,
    That in our lives - we reap what we have sown.

    Come plant the truth of Christ within your heart,
    His ageless life, to you He will impart.
    And mortal man no greater truth has known,
    Eternal life: we shall reap what He has sown!   DBL


    Oh watch the ruthless farmer plough his land.
    Oh hear the broken clods complain in vain,
    Come see the pointed fork within his hand,
    "Is he by any chance the enemy of the grain?"

    Oh no the farmer is preparing for the corn.
    Four months before it stands above the sod.
    I have to think of all those ever born,
    Who lie all broken at the feet of God.

    The plough of time has ruffled up their dreams.
    And winter winds have crumbled all their hopes,
    And unseen tears have flowed in salted streams,
    With doubt and fear and shame down faithless slopes.

    For seeds eternal they are ready now.
    And yet each soul has still the power of choice.
    They could reject and get along somehow,
    Or bear a golden crop in paradise

    The priceless seeds of truth are falling fast.
    In some those seeds will not be sown in vain.
    For when the Angel blows his final blast,
    God's eternal field will blaze with golden grain!   DBL


    A prisoner lay within a gloomy cell,
    All dark and barred inside his iron hell
    When lo! a voice, it rang above his head
    And to his Spirit, broken - almost dead
    A still small voice, it spoke of freedom - Free!
    If only he would rise and turn the key

    His eyes they wandered to the prison door,
    And sure enough within the gloom he saw,
    A Little Key - 'twould be an easy thing to try
    What would he lose - left here alone to die?
    No sooner had his mind let go the thought,
    His key the hand had turned - and freedom wrought.

    Oh LORD - the world is full of prison cells,
    And millions lie within their private hells.
    The Key of Faith is hanging on the door,
    Speak to their souls, the remedy once more.
    Let your still voice be heard above the din
    To set them free from prison bars of SIN. DBL


    It's all very well to have courage and skill
    And it's fine to be counted a star,
    But the single deed with its touch of thrill
    Doesn't tell the man you are;
    For there's no lone hand in the game we play,
    We must work to a bigger scheme,
    And the thing that counts in the world to-day
    Is, How do you pull with the team?

    They may sound your praise and call you great,
    They may single you out for fame,
    But you must work with your running mate
    Or you'll never win the game;
    Oh, never the work of life is done
    By the man with a selfish dream,
    For the battle is lost or the battle is won
    By the spirit of the team.

    You may think it fine to be praised for skill,
    But a greater thing to do
    Is to set your mind and set your will
    On the goal that's just in view;
    It's helping your fellowman to score
    When his chances hopeless seem;
    Its forgetting self till the game is o're
    And fighting for the team


    When I first joined the church of God like you have done.
    I waited for someone to lead - some older one.
    The years rolled by - one, two and three,
    This truth then I could plainly see
    Older folks for youth like me - were waiting patiently

    I've read of men in ages past who got things done
    And everyone from first to last - yes every one
    Had started out in some small way,
    And laboured on from day to day
    Men I could plainly see, were men like you and me

    The harvest of the world is ripe - and overdue.
    And there are countless souls around waiting for you.
    Don't wait for all the church to stand,
    Before you lend your reaping hand,
    The Master started all alone - so why don't you?

    You are the Light of the World!
    Others are looking your way.
    Jesus is waiting to lead you and guide you,
    Go work in God's vineyard today.


    Deep within the womb of every human mind
    Is a sacred shrine no eye of flesh can see.
    Of all the sons of men very few you'll find
    Are even aware of this inner sanctuary.

    Yet here the well springs of one's life are easily found.
    And here the motives and the will abide.
    Shut behind the unseen veil with scarcely e'en a sound
    The government of your soul goes on inside.

    Strange though that unnoticed fact may be
    By far the more amazing dreadful find
    Is, that unseen Spirit beings, none of us can even see
    Are all akeen to occupy this Temple in the mind.

    Don't think that Spirit beings cannot exist
    Millions there be that foolishly have walked that road
    And putting forth no effort Satan to resist
    Have to these Demon hoards become a free abode.

    Then there is Almighty God's Spirit, filled with Holy Grace
    He also seeks consent within your soul to dwell
    To turn the contrite heart into His sacred place
    And save it from those legions bound for hell.

    Empty that shrine can never be for long
    So beware which power you entertain today
    Choose with great care, you daren't be wrong
    For when a Spirit comes, He comes to stay!


    I heard them first, laughing to scorn God's majestic Law
    And when I turned to look I saw dimly through the haze,
    Two entirely different ways

    Two roads, each telling to the full, the story of mankind.
    I looked again to find, that almost everyone was walking on the BROADWAY
    Now all the glitter with its beckoning fun arcades and pleasure stops,
    Packed with young and old folks who bought and sold their souls.
    Oh the sweetness of excitement, the rhapsody of song to belong to BROADWAY.
    What a joy and thrill to hear the laughter of that merry human throng.

    But as the winding highway ribboned out, and as time passed,
    Their laughter faded on the air; for all was not well out there.
    Oft the cry of pain and care would rise above the din - and make me much aware of the wages paid by SIN

    And when I looked more closely at the throng
    I saw their disenchanted look - I heard their melody go wrong.
    What could I say when things were not going well, on the BROADWAY going to HELL?

    But somehow 'twas not this that saddened me';
    Not their sorrow which so courageously they hid from passers by.
    No, it was their destination. Why oh why did they not turn about
    When there ahead like some giant mouth a yawning canyon swallowed up their dead.

    Headlong they plunged at steady pace; yet few would stop and leave the frantic race to death.

    But into the black eternal tomb they hurled themselves.
    And all aghast I stood and marvelled at their lunacy of choice.
    Too weak was I to voice the utter horror of it all.
    Too sick, to small to grasp the awful tragedy and waste of human life
    Each day, out there on old BROADWAY.

    And then I caught the whisper of a prayer that seemed to fill the air.
    Turning I did spy on a narrow path pointing almost to the sky,
    A little band of pilgrims upon a rugged track.
    Every single face seemed radiant with an inner grace and love which drove them hour by hour to some great eternal source of power above.

    And though they stumbled oft and even fell along the way,
    I couldn't help but sense the surging joy that bubbled in each breast.
    And well I understood the reason for their song, for there ahead atop the road they trod shining like a million stars and robed in
    rainbow splendour was the Paradise of God, the New Jerusalem!

    That day I made my choice to worship God and walk the narrow path of life.
    Nor can I describe the peace and inner joy that fills my pilgrim heart:
    For now I am a part of that happy pilgrim band that journey's to the Promised Land - above!

    Will You Join Me Dear Friend?


    Almighty YAHWEH, Creator of heaven's mighty vault.
    Redeemer of mankind, whose life no one can fault.
    I have but one request in prayer of thee to make,
    And I am sure you'll grant it because of Jesus sake.

    Even though my heart is all aglow with joyful, ransomed song,
    And well I know that to thee Lord I ever will belong,
    Yet in my inner heart and mind I am well aware,
    That something indispensable is really lacking there.

    It isn't fame or knowledge that I longingly desire,
    Nor is it mighty works oh God or tongues of living fire.
    If in secret I have yearned for awe inspiring power,
    Forgive me gracious Lord as I pray this eving hour.

    One pure gift alone I seek and it comes from thee above.
    That Thou wilt now create in me a holy heart of love,
    Love that is obedient to thy eternal law,
    Love to do Thy perfect will and do it evermore.

    Oh gracious Lord and Father let my prayer rise up to thee.
    Accept it as legal writ for angel hosts to see,
    A document sealed with my oath, and written by my hand,
    May it for endless ages Lord betwixt us ever stand.

    Full permission gracious Lord, I've signed away to thee,
    To start a new creative work afresh today in me,
    Content I'll rest for certain when I have reached my goal,
    To see Thy Holy Law inscribed on the tablets of my soul!     DBL


    There was a time I lavished praise on muscle power and strength.
    Then intellect held me enthralled for many years at length.
    Later still a godly man with virtue as his goal.
    Would draw from me a flood of praise from deep within my soul.

    But now my heart is lifted high for power no one sees,
    The power of God so freely given to prophets on their knees.
    For Daniel's eyes to see events in the days that lie ahead.
    Elijah's power, that mighty power to even raise the dead.

    From all the myriad, pratting tongues and a hundred different views
    From all the might of arm and mind I think I would still choose
    To hold my praise for righteous men with Yahweh's Holy Power!
    Deep within my soul I know I'm near that great climatic hour.

    DANIEL 12 VERSE 10

    The other day whilst reading through the pages of God's Book,
    I saw a verse that drew my eyes to have another look,
    They were the words of a mighty angel, nor were they idly said,
    A priceless clue to hidden truth lay in the words I read.

    "The wicked will do wickedly, none of them will understand,"
    Or grasp the truth of the vision of the future God has planned,
    "But the wise will be purified" and as from sin they turn,
    Their minds will fathom complex truths, which only they can learn.

    Just pause and reconsider the message of that clue,
    That real wisdom only comes from God to me and you,
    When we put away the evil we secrectly adore,
    Tis only then we'll know the truth and understand it more.

    Yes ignorance and wickedness, they travel hand in hand,
    "The wicked will do wickedly, they'll never understand,"
    But the wise they will be purified, "purified to know,"
    The times and purpose of God's plan, that He's working out below!


    Balanced like a priceless spinning wheel
    The feelings of a man inside his soul doth reel.
    So keep respectfully some distance apart
    And never crudely shock another person's heart.

    Indeed don't get too familiar with anyone you know,
    For senseless jests have often turned a friend into a foe.
    What to you may be some amusing joke,
    Could well upset a host of other folk.

    So keep you language clean and don't offend
    Remember your little tongue can make or break your friend.
    Flippant idle words, who can control the tide
    They start a flowing all unseen inside.

    And remember when all is said and done below
    The true worth of a man will only show
    Not so much by what he had to say
    But how he lived his life from day to day!


    The watch upon my Father's Hand - is there for all to see.
    Revolving on a million gems twill last eternity.
    It tells me when the day is done, the months, the years that fly.
    But more than this it blazes forth its message in the sky.
    Watch and pray! - Watch and pray! - Watch and pray!

    Though men will synchronize with stars, and flourish watches grand
    Few can tell the real time upon my Father's Hand.
    Go out of town on some clear night, and turn your head His way
    Father's watch is telling you - My child tis time to pray.
    Watch and pray! - Watch and pray! - Watch and pray!

    A great alarm is soon to ring upon the shores of space.
    And every eye will upward look upon my Father's Face.
    The sun will veil its face in black, the moon will glow like blood.
    And men will run to trembling hills, just like at Noah's flood.
    Watch and pray! - Watch and pray! - Watch and pray!


    Look, I see the market crumble
    Watch the index slide and fall
    Rich and poor alike will tumble
    When the crash comes to us all.

    Like to ancient Egypt's idols
    Men to greed their souls have sold
    Horses all with broken bridles
    Charging to their graves of gold.

    Shock waves on the sea of finance
    Speeding round the world's great shore
    Dow and Jones will lead the hi-dance
    Then to crash upon the floor.

    Worshippers of gleaming metal
    Little men with giant greed
    Soon God's Hand on you will settle
    Then you'll feel your real need.

    Man all hypnotized with getting
    Can you tell the real cost
    When the profits you are selling
    Are all gone? - And you are lost!


    In his dream he saw a giant there.
    With head of gold, and breast all silverware.
    His belly bronze and legs of iron clay.
    This metal man, just where did he belong?

    His feet and toes a funny mixture they.
    Part of iron and part of miry clay.
    Yet down he fell, to stone, he lost the war.
    Each rattling joint, blown from the threshing floor.

    I'm waiting for the stone to strike
    I'm waiting for the stone to strike
    The Kingdom of God will soon be here
    I'm waiting for the stone to strike.

    No human hand, hurled the stone His way.
    It struck the feet of iron and of clay.
    Babel, Persia, Greece and Rome all fell.
    The stone filled earth, and all the heaven as well.

    Christ is the stone   -   the The Eternal Rock!
    Oh let the unbeliever mock.
    The day is near - twill be my bliss.
    To see HIM strike - for HE cannot miss.


    No one should mistake the Beast, for when he does appear
    These major points he will fulfill, the Bible makes it clear.
    The ABYSS will be opened - and from its dungeon depth
    The angel king is wakened - where he for ages slept.

    With demon hosts he will ascend, like diabolic smoke
    To blaspheme God and govern - earth's disbelieving folk.
    In God's Temple he will sit, and the world will bow the knee
    To its deluded hosts he'll say, "There is no God but me!"

    Great wonders will his hand perform; the world will stand aghast.
    And yet his reign is very short, and cometh very fast
    Two and forty months 'twill be, the prophecy is true
    All the world will worship him, except God's chosen few.

    Then the armies of the universe, will join in holy war.
    And Christ will win the victory, for God's eternal law.
    Gazed upon by Heaven's host, the Beast will then be cast
    Into a lake of blazing fire, to breath his very last!


    Everone's asking this question today
    Millions are wanting to know
    "Where is the God of all Heaven," they say
    "And why are we suffering so
    There's trouble at home and abroad
    Where oh where is the Lord?"

    Traffic was heavy, the lights were at red
    He knew he should stop - but no!
    Playing with chance - on he had sped
    Now he is broken and dead
    He would not have died on the road
    Had he followed the highway code.

    Thou shalt not kill and thou shalt not steal,
    Or take another man's wife
    Yet drunken with guilt our earth seems to reel
    Lustful - yet weary with strife
    In the home and the field there is war
    For man has rejected God's Law!

    Everyone's asking the question today
    Millions are wanting to know
    "Where is the God of all Heaven," they say
    "And why are we suffering so
    There's trouble at home and abroad
    Where? Oh where is the Lord?


    Oh that fire! before whose face
    Heav'n and earth shall find no peace.
    O those eye's whose angry light
    Must be the day of that dread night.

    O that trump! whose blast shall run
    An even round with the circle sun,
    And urge the murmuring graves to bring
    Pale mankind forth to meet his King!

    Horror of nature, hell and death!
    When a deep groan from beneath
    Shall cry, we come, we come, and all
    The caves of night answer one call.

    O that Book whose leaves so bright
    Will set the world in severe light.
    O that Judge! whose hand, whose eye
    None can endure, yet none can fly.

    Ah, then poor soul! what wilt thou say,
    And to what patron choose to pray,
    When stars themselves shall stagger, and
    The most firm foot no more can stand?

    But Thou givest leave, dread Lord! that we
    Take shelter from Thyself in Thee;
    And with the wings of Thine own dove
    Fly to Thy sceptre of soft love.

    Shall, all that labour, all that cost
    Of love, and even that loss, be lost?
    And this loved soul judged worth no less
    Than all that way and weariness?

    Just mercy, my Judge, mercy! I cry
    With blushing cheek and bleeding eye,
    The conscious colors of my sin
    Are red without, and pale within.

    If sin can sigh, Love can forgive;
    Oh, say the word, my soul shall live.
    My Hope, My Fear, My Judge, My Friend,
    Take charge of me and my end.


    Seeking the lost, yes, kindly entreating
    Wanderer's on the mountain astray;
    "Come unto ME," His message repeating,
    Words of the Master speaking today.

    Going afar, going afar Upon the mountain,
    Bringing the wanderer back again,
    Into the fold, Of my Redeemer,
    Jesus the Lamb for sinners slain.

    Seeking the lost and pointing to Jesus
    Souls that are weak and hearts that are sore,
    Leading them forth in ways of salvation,
    Showing the path to life evermore.

    Going afar, going afar Upon the mountain,
    Bringing the wanderer back again,
    Into the fold, Of my Redeemer,
    Jesus the Lamb for sinners slain.

    Thus would I go on missions of mercy,
    Following Christ from day unto day,
    Cheering the faint and raising the fallen,
    Pointing the lost to Jesus, the Way.

    Going afar, going afar Upon the mountain,
    Bringing the wanderer back again,
    Into the fold, Of my Redeemer,
    Jesus the Lamb for sinners slain.


    Afraid? Of What?
    To feel the spirits glad release?
    To pass from pain to perfect peace,
    The strife and strain of life to cease?
    Afraid? Of What?

    Afraid? Of What?
    Afraid to see the Saviour's face,
    To hear His welcome, and to trace
    The glory gleam from wounds of grace?
    Afraid? Of What?

    Afraid? Of What?
    A flash, a crash, a pierced heart -
    Darkness - Light - O heaven's art!
    A wound of His a counterpart!
    Afraid? Of What?

    Afraid? Of What?
    To enter into heaven's rest
    And yet to serve the Master blest,
    From service good to service best?
    Afraid? Of What?

    Afraid? Of What?
    To do by death what life could not -
    Baptize with blood a stony plot,
    Till souls shall blossom from the spot!
    Afraid? Of What?


    Faith and doubt are deadly foes
    When one arrives the other goes
    Peace and joy with faith abide
    But doubt has turmoil on his side!

    Now faith and joy don't always win
    In fact it's doubt that's now right in
    We've lost the round, but not the fight
    For joy will prove - that faith was right!

    Just stand back there, and view your life
    And if it's filled with fear and strife
    Why then to faith you've said goodbye
    And you'll not be happy though you try!

    Nor should you scoff at what I say
    Though folks will do that anyway
    But someday soon we all will see
    That faith brings joy eternally!

    Yes, faith brings joy today and tomorrow
    But the days of doubt are filled with sorrow.
    And to each heart where faith did reign
    He'll grant eternal life yet once again!


    When hopes are burned and smoke and ash remains
    When rusting goods have dwindled all our gains
    When whispering tongues have had their final say
    Then we shall see HIM on HIS day.

    When every brag has voiced his tinny worth
    And every fool that walks this cursed earth
    Has said his part and scrubbed God from the sky
    Then shall HIS day draw nigh.

    Then the ONE who hangs the stars in space
    Will pour HIS wrath upon the human race,
    And when I think - my soul I fill with fear,
    For who shall stand when that great day draws near?

    When mountains reel and islands sink away
    When blood and fire fall in a single day,
    Then every tongue which blasphemy did voice
    Will silent be, by its own idiot choice.

    And then in splendour new to every age
    God's mighty arm will turn another page.
    And to each heart where faith did reign
    He'll grant eternal life yet once again.

    And from the loaf of Truth were I to break one crust
    And press it to your mouth before I turn to dust
    I'd choose this line "FEAR GOD & HE WILL BE WITH YOU"
    I hope that promise will mean much to you!

    For in my bones I feel that day is near
    The eye of faith can see it crystal clear
    So let the mountains reel and let the heavens fall,
    Come let us stand by faith, yes one and all.


    I've been into the libraries of cities great and small
    Seen books in vast collections, stacked high against the wall
    Treatise on every subject, illustrated too
    Instruction logs and manuals, ancient books and new.

    Mankind is ever learning, a thirsting after knowledge
    From primary to high school and then right on through college
    What a sad and age old problem, this hunger of the ages
    Men trying to satisfy their souls, by reading printed pages.

    Way back at the creation 'TO LIFE' God marked the way
    But Oh! the tragic blunder that Adam made that day
    For he chose the Tree of knowledge and of its fruit he ate
    And death has plagued the human race right back from that date.

    Oh! you sons of Adam whenever will you learn
    That your knowledge counts for nothing, if God's way you choose to spurn
    All your books of learning on which your wealth you spend
    Are tottering Towers of Babel which will kill you in the end.

    But if its Life you're really after, then go to God in prayer
    In the garden of your conscience you'll find Him waiting there
    Then His Holy Spirit will lead you to life's true portals
    And you'll turn your back forever on the writings of mere mortals.


    It stood there dripping wet in silent grace
    With all its beauty stripped from off its face
    Its arms held up, as though in silent prayer
    Of me I'm certain it was unaware.

    The winter mists swirled o'er its ageing head
    To all the world its form looked almost dead
    Yet with eternal patience, there it stood
    With all the others in the winter wood.

    Waiting for the sun to change its form
    Waiting for the warmth of summer born
    For the song of bird on leafy bough
    Waiting to be clothed by God somehow.

    We are all like trees in winter clime
    And for the Son of God, this is waiting time
    And when God's Son returns, what a change 'twill be
    A change for all with faith - for YOU and ME!

    Waiting for God's Son to change our form
    Waiting for the King to calm the storm
    Waiting - like every winter tree
    Waiting till God's firstborn Son we see.


    Watch her sit astride the Ten Horned Beast of Scarlet
    The mother of all vice, the Babylonian harlot
    Hear her proudly boast with golden cup held high
    "I sit a Queen and never shall I die"

    Drunk with the blood of saints and believers true
    Now - she has her wicked eye focused upon you!
    Either you join her in her loathsome bed,
    Or face the vicious wrath that left the martyrs dead.

    Strange is the allurement of her subtle grace
    Almost has she seduced the entire human race
    Captives of the flesh, all hungering for gold
    Trapped are the millions who their souls have sold.

    So be on your guard against this brazen whore
    By faithfully obeying Yahweh's eternal law
    And soon you shall see the ten-horned beast of scarlet
    Throw off - and rend - this Babylonian Harlot!



    God touched our weary bodies with His power,
    And gave us strength for many a trying hour
    In which we might have faltered, had not you,
    Our intercessors, faithful been and true.


    God touched our eager fingers with His skill,
    Enabling us to do His blessed will
    With scalpel, suture, bandage; better still
    He healed the sick, the wounded, cured all ill.


    God touched our lips with coals from alter fire.
    Gave Spirit fullness, and did so inspire
    That when we spoke, sin - blinded souls did see;
    Sin chains were broken; captives were made free.


    The "dwellers in the dark" have found the Light.
    The glad Good News has banished heathen night.
    The message of the cross so long delayed
    Has brought them life at last - because you prayed.


    Pause, Christian pilgrim, journeying on
    Through life's long day of toil and pain;
    Here is a staff to lean upon,
    And rest thy trembling, wearied frame;
    'Twill prove thy comfort, thy delight -
    "At evening time it shall be light."

    Thy morning may be overcast
    Clouds may obscure the brightest sky;
    The gathering storm may burst at last -
    But, Oh! take courage, God is nigh;
    His promise puts all fears to flight -
    "At evening time it shall be light."

    No mid-day's sun may gild thy path,
    To cheer thee in thy journeying home;
    Yet still rely on precious faith
    In Jesus Christ, and Him alone.
    Then is His promise thy delight -
    "At evening time it shall be light."

    Now thou art near thy journey's end;
    A few more hours thy labor's done;
    Oh! tarry not; ere long thou'lt find
    The battle fought, the victory won;
    Christian, thy prospects then are bright -
    "At evening time it shall be light."

    Dread not the valley thou must pass;
    Fear not, the conflict soon is o'er;
    Trust Him, He's faithful to the last,
    He'll lead thee to the happy shore;
    And thou shalt find, O welcome sight!
    "At evening time it shall be light."


    When the mists have rolled in splender
    From the beauty of the hills,
    And the sunshine falls in gladness
    On the river and the rills,
    We recall our Father's promise
    In the rainbow of the spray:
    We shall know each other better
    When the mists have rolled away.

    We shall come with joy and gladness,
    We shall gather round the throne;
    Face to face with those that love us,
    We shall know as we are known:
    And the song of our redemption
    Shall resound through endless day
    When the shadows have departed,
    When the mists have rolled away.


    To have respect for GOD - is lesson number ONE!
    Then to know His will is the SECOND lesson done,
    To obey His law is number THREE
    How far have you gone in God's University?

    You may fill your mind with a million facts or more
    You may have degrees in SCIENCE ART or LAW
    But when it comes to life - You could be a fool
    Then it's time my friend to go right back to school

    You may have your wealth to feast your eyes upon.
    You may have your health, but that may soon be gone.
    You were put on earth to learn life's A-B-C's
    How far have you gone in GOD'S UNIVERSITY?

    MATTHEW 24

    A warning song oh let this be
    A song based on a prophecy.
    A song of WAR - and much much more,
    So says MATTHEW 24!

    A protest song this cannot be,
    Songs like that are NOT for me!
    A FAMINE song - and much much more,
    So says MATTHEW 24!

    Days of peace I cannot see
    My song is stark reality.
    DISEASE will spread - and much much more,
    So says MATTHEW 24!

    Earthquake and drought and raging flood
    Rising crime and flowing blood,
    And DOUBT will knock on every door
    So says MATTHEW 24!

    But before you loose all heart
    If in your life FAITH has a part,
    "ETERNAL LIFE"! you'll have for sure,
    So says MATTHEW 24!


    Once upon a time a paper kite
    Was mounted to a wonderous height,
    Where, giddy with its elevation,
    It thus express'd self-admiration:
    "See how yon crouds of gazing people
    Admire my flight above the earth;
    How would they wonder if they knew
    All that a kite like me can do!

    Were I but free, I'd take flight,
    And pierce the clouds beyond their sight,
    But, ah! like a poor pris'ner bound,
    My string confines me near the ground;
    I'd brave the eagle's tow'ring wing,
    Might I but fly without a string."
    It tugg'd and pull'd, while thus it spoke,

    To break the string - at last it broke,
    Depriv'd at once of all its stay,
    In vain it try'd to soar away;
    Unable its own weight to bear,
    It flutter'd downward through the air;
    Unable its own course to guide,
    The winds soon plung'd it in the tide,
    Ah! foolish kite, thou hadst no wing,

    How could'st thou fly without a string!
    My heart reply'd, "O Lord, I see
    How much this kite resembles me!
    Forgetful that by thee I stand,
    Impatient of thy ruling hand;
    How oft I've wish'd to break the lines
    Thy wisdom for my lot assigns?
    How oft indulg'd a vain desire
    For something more, or something high'r?
    And, but for grace and love divine,
    A fall thus dreadful had been mine."


    I cannot tell why he whom angels worship,
    Should set His love upon the sons of men,
    Or why as shepherd, He should seek the wanderers,
    To bring them back, I know not how or when.
    But this I know, that He was born of Mary,
    That Bethlehem's manger was His only home,
    And that He lived in Nazareth and laboured,
    And so the Saviour, Saviour of the world is born.

    I cannot tell how silently He suffered
    As with his peace He graced this place of tears
    Or how upon the cross his heart was broken,
    The crown of pain to three and thirty years.
    But this I know He heals the broken hearted,
    He stays our sin, and calms our lurking fears,
    He lifts the burden from the heavy laden,
    And yet the Saviour, Saviour of the world is here.

    I cannot tell how He will win the nations,
    How He will claim His earthly heritage
    How satisfy the needs and aspiration
    Of East and West, of sinners and of sage.
    But this I know, all flesh shall see His glory
    And He shall reap the harvest He has sown,
    And some glad day the sun shall shine in splendour
    When he the Saviour, Saviour of the world is known.

    I cannot tell how all the lands will worship,
    When at His bidding every storm is stilled,
    Or who can say how great the jubilation,
    When all the hearts of men with love are filled.
    But this I know, the skies will thrill with rapture,
    And myriad, myriad human voices sing,
    And earth to heaven, and heaven to earth will answer,
    At last the Saviour, Saviour of the world is King.


    There is a goal before me set,
    Which I have not attained as yet -
    But by His grace I trust to reach
    And live the life His Word does teach.
    Henceforth, I will press on.

    How shall His will be fully known
    Except through His dear Word alone?
    I'll read, and read, and read again
    Until the Spirit makes it plain -
    I must - I will press on.

    "Set heart and mind on things above,"
    Is written in His Word of love.
    Lord, make it true in every realm,
    Be thou the Captain at the helm.
    I will! - I will press on!


    I took a piece of living clay
    And gently formed it day by day,
    And molded with my power and art
    A young child's soft and yielding heart.

    I came again when years had done;
    It was the man I looked upon;
    He still that early impress bore,
    And I could change him nevermore.


    Fierce was the wild billow, Dark was the night,
    Oars laboured heavily, Foam glimmered white;
    Mariners trembled, Peril was nigh -
    Then said the LORD of Hope: "Peace! It is I."

    Ridge of the mountain-wave, Lower thy crest!
    Wail of the stormy wind, Be thou at rest!
    Peril can none be, Sorrow must fly,
    When, saith the Light of Light: "Peace! It is I."

    Jesus! Deliverer! Come thou to me!
    Soothe Thou my voyaging Over life's sea!
    Thou, when the storm of death Roars, sweeping by,
    Whisper, O Truth of Truth! "Peace! It is I."


    Unblemished Lamb, I look to thee,
    Thou who was made sin for me.
    In faith I look; by faith I know
    That when thy wounds began to flow,
    It was for every soul of man
    That ever lived since earth began.
    Though God hath laid on thee my sin,
    O Jesus, Thou didst take me in!

    Unspotted Lamb, I look and cry,
    That when thou camest here to die,
    There was no man that pitied thee;
    No man to share thy misery.
    And in Thy cross-hung hours of pain,
    Till temple veil was rent in twain,
    Thy Father's face was shut away
    To mark the world's Atonement Day.

    Eternal Lamb, I look; till peace
    And joy with heaven's rich increase
    Make gald my soul to follow Thee.
    The fountain of Thy agony,
    Though opened in the vale of death,
    And nourished with Thy dying breath,
    Imparts to me Thy life divine.
    I look in faith; and I am Thine!


    Dedicated to: Esther & Robbie / Craig & Rebekah

    Never look upon life's pressures as an unwelcome foe.
    It's a pressure that releases the very best where'er you go.
    Without it, there would be no milk & honey, no perfume & no wine.
    It's pressure that is needed, yes pressure every time.

    In the average household you'll find pressure plays a part.
    In cookers, washers, boilers, and cleaners for a start.
    Pressure identifies true friends, even taste buds will confess
    That's why we unanimously voted for this little Garlic Press.

    But don't buckle under pressure, for it brings out the very best.
    Pressure is a real friend, not a troublesome pest.
    Five short years have come and gone, but many more will you see.
    Blissful years, led by Yahweh's hand - through all eternity!

    With love from Mom and Dad.



    Of all the countless tools mankind has ever made
    I somehow think the greatest is the common garden spade
    The humble spade which aided by man's skill
    Provided food, without the need to maim and kill.

    Unlike the bow, the wheel, the pen, the knife
    The spade is never ever used to further strife.
    Besides its priceless gift of health to man and sod
    The Garden spade will draw you nearer God.

    Think of the wealth that came to users of the spade
    As they uncovered coal and metal, diamonds and jade.
    Pause and try to comprehend its ageless worth
    To treasure seekers all around the earth.

    Like some rare tuning fork in life's orchestral show
    The spade brings beauty. health and harmony below.
    Yes, of all the tools mankind has every made
    The greatest is the common garden spade.


In the Son’s Name - For the Father’s Glory

Elder: Max W. Mader

A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada