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All of our hard copy materials are shipped from the United States. Due to rising shipping costs and international mailing requirements, and while these conditions persist, we are no longer mailing hard copy materials to Canada. The use of our download facility can be used to bypass these issues. Our information can be delivered to you within mere minutes.

As you can imagine, there is a vast amount of Christian resource information available on A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada.

    Hundreds of sermon files / study lessons
    Bible based information booklets
    Audio sermons
    KJV Audio Bible
    Hymns and Choruses
Through our website download file, you can obtain the entire AVITW website. You may choose to study off-line or make copies for others. Because of the sheer size of the audio files, they are not included in the website download. See the supplemental downloads that are available below.

For permission on copying and distributing A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada information, see our No Copyright policy.

Supplemental Downloads

Website Downloading and Setup Instructions
(please read this carefully)

    First, click on “Website Download.” When prompted, Save file A-Voice.EXE into the directory c:\My Documents. (You may, of course, save it to another place on your c: drive; but the instructions here assume you will save it to drive c:)

    After the download is complete, open the My Documents folder. Double click on the A-Voice.EXE. The file will automatically extract. A new folder called avitw-canada will appear in the My Documents folder. Double click on the avitw-canada folder. Next locate the file called index. Double click on the index file. This will open the A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada home page in your computer's default web browser.

    After your browser displays the home page of A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada, add the page to your bookmarks. In the future, use your bookmark to display the home page of A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada. There is no need to repeat the steps mentioned above.

    You may want to delete the file A-Voice.EXE after your set up is complete. This will help to conserve space on your computer's hard drive. If you do delete this file, remember to remove it from your recycle bin after you have deleted it from the c:\My Documents folder.

Website Download
(File: A-Voice.exe   .......   Updated: September 9, 2023)

Pass this good news on to your friends. Time is Short and we believers still need to publish the True Gospel to all the world! To be sure, the job is progressing, but there is still much to do!

Dedicated Laborers Urgently Needed!

May the Almighty bless you as you seek to learn and do His will.

We'll end here in Emmanuel's Name

In The Son’s Name - For The Father’s Glory

A Voice In The Wilderness