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Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning.
Proverbs 9: 9

An Introduction To Vital Topics

Bible Texts Are Often Quoted In Full
Saturday ... Is It The 7th Day of The Week? HTML PDF
Leading churchmen all agree that Sunday is the first day of the week.
Sunday ... Is It The Christian Sabbath? HTML PDF
Is Sunday, the first day of the week, the Christian Sabbath?
The True Sabbath Day HTML
It was ordained of God as a day of physical rest for all mankind.
How To Keep The Sabbath HTML PDF
We have no wish to add to the confusion. Why?
Establishing a Church Group HTML PDF
This question is asked by thousands of believers each year.
Iniquity In The Christian Church HTML PDF
The Christian church is in grave danger.
The Gift of Tongues HTML PDF
Numerous claims are made these days concerning the gift of tongues.
The Secret Rapture HTML PDF
You'll not be congratulating yourself ... when?
Funeral Service Guidelines HTML
As you know every funeral service is unique.
Women Preachers/Priests HTML PDF
The fickle fashions of a wayward and deceived generation.
Grace ... No License For Sin HTML PDF
Many believe that divine grace is only a New Testament provision.
Stewards In The Royal Household HTML PDF
The church has allowed itself to become commercialized.
Does God Exist? HTML PDF
We live in a world where millions doubt the existence of God.
Faith ... What Is It? HTML PDF
Mature faith requires no miraculous manifestations of any kind.
Creation HTML PDF
It is either true or it is a colossal falsehood.
Evolution ... Fact or Fallacy? HTML PDF
Millions of people believe that this universe started with a big bang.
Biblical objectives are seldom discussed or aimed at.
Adultery ... On The Increase HTML PDF
The Most High has not changed. He sees, He notices, nothing escapes Him.
Fornication ... Do You Care? HTML PDF
Why should parents, dictate about sexual activity?
Homosexual Behaviour HTML PDF
How Jehovah the God of Israel, reacts to the practice of homosexuality.
Christian Marriage HTML PDF
The world is in disarray. Marriages are collapsing all about us.
Divorce & Remarriage HTML PDF
Divorce is on the increase. No one doubts this fact.
Polygamy ... Is It Wrong? HTML PDF
This article is aimed at believers all over the world.
Is Christmas Christian? HTML PDF
What a strange question, you may exclaim.
Works ... Are They Important? HTML PDF
Many followers of Jesus believe that ‘works’ are unimportant.
The Sign of The Cross HTML PDF
Who in their right mind would venerate a murder weapon?
Circumcision HTML PDF
As far as spirituality is concerned, it amounts to nothing.
Hell-fire & Purgatory HTML PDF
Will sinners burn forever in the fires of hell?
Immortality ... Can Angels Die? HTML PDF
What of the soul? Does it die? Can it die?
Customs ... Various Questions HTML PDF
This article answers various questions.
Prayer Parameters HTML PDF
Ignore His conditions and most of your prayers will go unheeded.
Sacred Names - Part 1 HTML PDF
We trust that this will clarify our stand as regards the sacred names.
Sacred Names - Part 2 HTML PDF
Why then do we use them?
Visiting The Sins of The Fathers HTML PDF
Truth concerning the Almighty God is invaluable.

In the Son’s Name - For the Father’s Glory

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