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Sacred Calendar Booklet - Free Upon Request The book entitled The Sacred Calendar of The God of Israel is spread over several short pages, accessible through the index below or as a single page.

Download your copy of the Sacred Calendar booklet in PDF format. Share it with friends and family.

A FREE printed copy of this booklet is also available on request. To receive a copy, please complete our Information Request Form. Before making your information request, please read our Booklet Policy.

Introduction & Aim

  1. The Sacred Calendar

  2. Prophetic Time Spans

  3. The Nation of Israel

  4. The Christian Church & Israel

  5. The Almighty's Seal & Signature

  6. The Antichrist and his Mark

  7. The Millennial Reign

  8. Summary

Part Two: Questions & Answers

  1. When does a month begin in the sacred calendar?
  2. When does a year begin in the sacred calendar?
  3. From where should the new moon be sighted?
  4. What are the harvest times in Israel?
  5. Why do some years in the Sacred Calendar have 13 months?
  6. Why do the Feast dates in the calendar printed by Stewarton Bible School (SBS) sometimes differ from the dates shown in the popular Jewish calendar?
  7. Do all Jews use the popular Jewish calendar?
  8. How does SBS set up the calendar?
  9. How may a religious organization check to see if the pre-printed calendar it uses is correct?
  10. Where does faith come into this matter of keeping Feast Days?

APPENDIX A: New Moon Times & the Beginnings of Months
for the years 1994 - 2009
APPENDIX B: 1994 Examples
APPENDIX C: Prophetic Time Spans
APPENDIX D: Scheduled Events in the Diary of God

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Elder: Max W. Mader
A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada
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First Published: 1979 / Placed On The Internet: 1996
Updated: 1998 / Reformatted: 2002 / Updated: 2009

Author: Elder: David B. Loughran
Stewarton Bible School - Stewarton Scotland