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According to Bible Prophecy Yahweh is going to gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle. The city is going to be captured and be under Gentile domination for a period of 42 months, 1260 days or 3.5 years.

O Thou, the Shepherd of Israel Art

Bible Texts Are Often Quoted In Full
The Nation of Israel HTML PDF
Why is this tiny nation so important?
The Peace Formula HTML PDF
There is no end to the efforts made to obtain peace.
Real Peace HTML PDF
Everyone wants peace: but every news bulletin tells of war.
British Israel HTML PDF
Discard it as a dangerous fallacy!
The Middle East HTML PDF
World leaders are in great suspense and fear.
The Most High Ruleth HTML PDF
The Day of the LORDíS anger is fast approaching.
Israel, The Chosen of God HTML PDF
Israel is the one and only nation chosen of God!
The Christian Church & Israel HTML PDF
Would you forgive us for not telling you the Truth?
No King In Israel HTML PDF
The children of Belial will soon realize how powerless they really are.

In the Son’s Name – For the Father’s Glory.

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